A Warm Welcome from Patrick Sébile!

Back in 1976, white perch hiding into a big emerged tree gave me the idea of my first lure ever. A simple jig, intended to go catching the fish in the middle of the branches; but it was MINE creation. It seems a long time ago; and it seems it was yesterday as well. I had no idea then that invention just opened me the world in front of me, giving myself the opportunity of following the path of my main life's passion - fishing, if some ever wonder what was it. And to this day, my life have been interwoven with fishing in a such intimate manner that when on April 1st I saw my 4 years old daughter rigging by herself a soft plastic bait on a hook for the first time in her life. It just came as the most natural thing - but at the same time it makes my heart beautifully beat, fulfilling it with happiness to witness such little important thing!!

Such as was for me my son's first catch - that one largemouth bass that he landed and said he wanted to eat it !! there's nothing that I am more fond of than my kids, as I discovered at almost 50 that I was made to be a Dad. So why the logo I created for A Band Of Anglers, which represents my twins and myself fishing - the heart of the heart of my Band, of course!! Fishing have helped me all along those years, as my one companion I can rely on, to go through the up and downs - especially being very important in the downs - of life.

Growing as a single kid, with a single mom always afraid to let her son confront the world, my time was split simple in 3 pieces: I was at school, or I was at home, or I was on the shoreline of a lake nearby - and this was obviously what I liked most. Not the best or easier way to make friends of my age. But certainly the best one to discover the intimacy of the shoreline where the land and the water worlds collides, open my eyes to the baitfish ballet, the emergence of an underwater insect reaching the volatile world to change its body from a crawling submarine to a dragonfly, hearing the sound of a predator swallowing a frog in the middle of the lily pads... that was the most important school time of my life, where and when I learned so much that helped me to this day to make a living and provide for my family - all fueled by that passion which was as old as my first life's memory. I was day dreaming about fishing, and quite often after that first successful lure from 1976, dreaming of new ones - and learning more technical skills to craft these.

Then the life went on, with its many, countless experiences, travels, discoveries, success and sometimes sadness. The tragedia dell arte, so dear to the Italian heart - I think about you a lot my friends who have been so badly hurt by the COVID-19 the last couple of months - in real full scale, filling my lungs with the fresh air encountered in all and each of my escapes from the human real world to the fascinating one of fishing, that reality I share with each of you reading this blog in its infancy today. Through it, my band and myself will share with you all kind of things, from a fishing moment, a reaction to an event, some questioning about things, a fishing tip... anything to connect and share socially with you, and that matters to us all even more in this special time of the pandemic that is hurting all of us, in different ways. If you are one of these who stay at home because of confinement or because you are currently sick, we hope to bring you hope and good time; if you are able to go fishing, hopefully some of our sharing with you will be useful. And what if you simply have a good time, with no challenge or high hope about it? It's all good also, and anyway.

I for my part will reach you on this blog every single first Friday of the month. And I'd love to see you enjoying and joining any time you want!!

Stay socially close, but physically distant for safety, my friends, and be healthy!!

Patrick Sebile

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