Rule the Sea with Ocean Born

The ocean – an azure expanse where anglers’ goals are set and dreams are fulfilled – is home to the planet’s toughest, meanest, and least forgiving fish. In this ultimate manifestation of
Nature’s food web, where every finned creature is on another’s menu, only the smart and the
strong survive. As we pursue these apex predators in the marsh, from the surf, and across the
deep bluewater, only the most robust, purpose-driven, precision-engineered lures stand ready
to wrestle the biggest-of-the-big from the inky depths. Such lures are truly Ocean Born.

Ocean Born, from A Band of Anglers, is a family of lures that is custom-made for targeting the
most aggressive saltwater fish. Patent-pending features enable anglers to make longer casts
than ever before possible, while also producing unique, versatile actions that are designed to
attract and trigger a wide variety of fish species. Engineered with heavily reinforced, corrosion-
resistant components, Ocean Born lures are built to last, so you can fulfill your dreams of
enormous saltwater fish for years to come.

Flying Popper

The Ocean Born Flying Popper is the toughest, most versatile topwater lure that you’ll ever
encounter. This narrow-necked popper is engineered to dominate saltwater, with a body that
features ABS construction and a 350 lb test through-body wire for extreme toughness, impact
resistance, and the durability required to do battle with Nature’s most challenging adversaries.
Each of the Flying Popper models incorporates numerous design features to increase casting
distance and fishability. The Flying Popper’s aerodynamic profile and unique side wings catch
the air while in flight, allowing anglers to cast the bait up to two times farther than comparable
lures. Low air friction ribs that extend along the length of the Flying Popper’s belly further
enhance casting distance, even in windy conditions. From an angler’s perspective, dramatically longer casts allow you to reach fish that others simply cannot, especially when fishing from shore or wading in the surf.

When fishing from a boat, you’ll be able to position your vessel farther from the fish you’re chasing, minimizing the chances of spooking them. In either case, longer casts from the Flying Popper equate to more fish at the end of the trip.

At first glance, the cupped face and slender profile of the 140 mm (5.5 in) Flying Popper evoke
thoughts of a traditional topwater lure, capable of displacing large volumes of water and
creating an attention-grabbing ruckus as it chugs across the surface. Indeed, the Flying Popper’s floating model, hitting the scales at 2 oz, does exactly that. Anglers can pop-and-stop the Flying Popper, rip it across the surface, or impart a seductive, walk-the-dog action to entice reluctant predators. Armed with a pair of 4x treble hooks, the Flying Popper design is extraordinarily versatile, and a range of subsurface presentations is also accessible by changing to a different Flying Popper model and adjusting your retrieve style.
Pivot to the Flying Popper’s sinking model to further lengthen your casts and begin to probe the depths. Weighing a full ounce heavier than the floating model, this Flying Popper features a
light waking action on a slow retrieve, and is ideal for fishing after dark or during the heat of the summer. Anglers who want to maximize the versatility of the Flying Popper should reach for the Super Long Distance model, which weighs 4.5 oz and features beefy, 6X treble hooks. 

In addition to its namesake topwater actions, the Super Long Distance Flying Popper adds an
enticing swimbait action on a medium-speed retrieve that is effective throughout the water
column, thanks to the lift provided by the side wings along its body. Because of its weight, the
Flying Popper can even be used as a jigging lure to probe the inky depths. With one lure,
anglers can now trigger explosive saltwater strikes from the surface, all the way to the bottom,
by adjusting their retrieve speed and cadence. Indeed, no other lure matches the Flying
Popper’s versatility. Available in three models and a full palette of natural and high-contrast
colors, the Flying Popper has earned a place in your arsenal.

Flying Pencill

The same aerodynamic profile, air- and water-lifting side wings, and low air friction ribs that are

found in the Flying Popper also make its cousin, the Flying Pencill, an extremely effective lure
for a wide range of saltwater predators. Available in Floating, Sinking, and Super Long Distance models, the Flying Pencill has the familiar profile of pencil-style poppers, but with unrivaled casting distance and unique surface and subsurface actions that elevate the Flying Pencill above the competition.

The 160 mm (6.3 in) Flying Pencill lures are easy to master. By changing the model, retrieve
speed, and cadence, you will quickly have the Flying Pencil popping, spitting, walking the dog,
skipping along the surface, or swimming the depths below – doing things and triggering fish
that are unreachable by traditional pencil-style lures. Floating and Sinking Flying Pencill lures
are armed with 4X trebles, while the Super Long Distance Flying Pencill gets an immediate
hardware upgrade to 6X trebles – enough to handle any briny predator.

Looking for even more versatility? The Flying Pencill Special is a variant of the Sinking Flying
Pencil design that swaps the twin 4X treble hooks for a single 6X tail hook, and is available in
either yellow or white. Anglers who want to design their own custom colors will also appreciate
the Flying Pencill Pro Pack, with 25 unpainted, unrigged, single-hook Flying Pencill lures, ready
for you to create your own secret recipe – at a very economical price. Floating, Sinking, and
Super Long Distance Flying Pencills are available in a palette of eight strike-provoking colors
that are ready for trigger strikes in any saltwater environment.

Dedicated to sea fishing and the most powerful fish on our planet, Ocean Born lures offer
action, strength, quality, craftsmanship and value that every angler will appreciate. Learn more
by visiting

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