Twicer™ 9"

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Twicer™ 9"
Twicer™ 9"
Twicer™ 9"
Twicer™ 9"


LURE Length Weight Leader Type Hook Size
Twicer 9” SK
9" (224.5mm) 2 ½ oz (67g) Stainless Steel #7/0
Twicer 9” XH
9" (224.5mm) 4 ½ oz (130g) Stainless Steel #7/0


The Twicer™ 9” is a slender hard bodied jerkbait with a replaceable soft tail. It casts very well, and can be fished from the top to deeper water. It is also good for vertical finesse fishing. It glides horizontally, and lands tail up. It can be steady retrieved, jigged, or twitched. The concealed leader allows the use of the lighter leader for stealthier presentation and better lure action. Once the hook is set it pulls away from the lure, providing superior abrasion resistance and dramatically reduces fish loss due to shake off.

To reset deployed leader:
1. While holding tension on the leader, wind it back into the lure body.
2. Firmly set the hook in place.

To replace the hook, use this knot:

To replace SofTough™ tails:
1. With the hook loose, press upward on the bottom of the tail to slide out.
2. If stuck, press a tool up the hole to dislodge.

SOFTOUGH™ MATERIAL NOTICE: Tail is made of SofTough™ material. “Better for the Angler, Better for Nature” is SofTough’s Motto. The tail is replaceable thanks to a patented sliding pin system, and is made of long lasting SofTough™ material, which offers great swim action and is resistant to tears, scratches and fish teeth. This material is extremely durable, allowing for more fishing time, less changing baits, and more fish per lure. Buoyant and lifelike, it is non-toxic and has no Phthalates, PVC or plastisol in its components. Do not store or mix SofTough-made lures with conventional soft plastics as deformation will occur. Do not store in direct sunlight.