Spooltek™ Concealed Leader Technology

The SpoolTek™ concept of leader concealment involves housing the braided wire leader on a small internal spool inside the lure. In the case with the SpoolTek lures, there is a hard, front section and a replaceable, soft plastic tail section. The internal spool is inside the hard front section. The leader is easily reloaded onto the spool with the ‘thumbwind’ knob at the top edge of the lure body. The leader can be wound on with one finger or with your thumb and forefinger, and it can be wound or turned in either direction.
Once the hook eye is wound up to the lure body, make sure that it starts to go into the hook slot, an area that holds the hook firmly for the hookset. You can basically crank the hook eye into the hook slot most of the way in, and then give it a push to go the rest of the way into the slot. This makes the hook stay exposed, in a rigid position, ready for a strike and hookset.
When the hook is in the slot, the lure is ready to fish. Use the SpoolTek lures in a similar manner to many sinking plugs, swim baits, or finesse lures, with any retrieve you prefer. The difference in these baits and the others comes after the hookset. Once the hook is set on the fish, the wire leader will deploy and the fish cannot get to your mainline or light leader with his abrasive mouth. He also cannot throw the lure as easily because alot of his leverage has been taken away.
Once the fish is caught, the leader can be reloaded back onto the spool. Then you are ready to fish again.