Wormstick 5.5"
Wormstick 5.5"
Wormstick 5.5"
Wormstick 5.5"
Wormstick 5.5"
Wormstick 5.5"

Wormstick 5.5"

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LURE Quantity Length Weight Hook Size
Wormstick 5.5"
5 5.5" (150mm)
3/8oz (10g) Not included


The Wormstick™, as its name implies, is a stick worm but with unique twists: pre-molded cavities for easy rigging gives you the ability to rig in ways that many fish have never seen before. From finesse to power fishing, heavy cover to bed fishing, and beyond! Featuring our Softough™ material, this lure is buoyant and will stand straight up on a jighead or head-weight, for superior presentation in the water, and will raise a single, or even a treble, hook for suspended off bottom or topwater presentation. From conventional Texas to Carolina Rig, and literally everything in between, the options are endless for any scenario that an angler might come across!

A Inner Weight for slow sink rate.

B Mushroom Weights for Texas rigging. Can also be positioned in the center hole, allowing for a horizontal fall.

C Mushroom Jighead for Ned rig and also jighead wacky rigged - great on rocky, logs and sparse brushstick areas.

D Wide Belly Hook Texas rigged with either A or B weights. Or rigged weightless in one of the 3 center holes for a floating topwater wacky action or add a weight in the nose to get that Neko rig stand-up action.

E Position one Mushroom Weight in the last tail hole, and use a Wide Belly Hook or worm hook in the front. The tail will stay on bottom while the nose and hook stay up! This is our unique bedding rig.

F Worm hook for finesse Carolina rigging & sling shot rig.

G Weighted long-neck widegap hook, for twitch & jerking action, as well as drag and pause - opposite but efficient techniques for freshwater and saltwater predators alike!!

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