Softough™ Soft Plastics

All Hyperlastics™ lures are made using Softough™ soft plastic material. Softough is soft and pliable, yet extremely tough and durable! Hyperlastics lures often last for days of fishing and survive the punishment of catching many fish.  In our prototype testing, one member of our pro team caught 148 largemouth bass on the same Hyperlastics Dartspin™!  Another pro caught 78 redfish on the same Dartspin.  And yet another friend of the company caught 5 bluefin tuna on the same Dartspin.
IMPORTANT NOTE:  Hyperlastics™ lures made with Softough™ material must be stored alone, not touching other soft plastics!  This is very important, as Softough touching other soft plastic lures will result in a melted mess. Please store your Hyperlastics lures away from other soft plastics.