Sandyll Pro 7’’ Tailpack
Sandyll Pro 7’’ Tailpack
Sandyll Pro 7’’ Tailpack
Sandyll Pro 7’’ Tailpack
Sandyll Pro 7’’ Tailpack
Sandyll Pro 7’’ Tailpack

Sandyll Pro 7’’ Tailpack

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LURE Quantity Length Weight Hook Size
Sandyll Pro Tail
3 Tails (Unrigged) 6" (150mm) 5/8oz (18g) Not Included


A Patrick Sébile design, the Sandyll Pro represents a slender baitfish - a type of prey that is fed on by a number of predators worldwide. The paddle tail together with the energetic motion provided by the SofTough material gives this bait an extremely active, fish catching swim action, no matter if you cast and retrieve, jig or troll it, at any speed.

With a 7” length, it is available with a sand eel head and the original PS hook shape (2.5oz. / 70g) or a swimhead with a round bend hook (1.5oz. / 45g). The tails alone can be used on a variety of jigheads and bucktails, and turn to be a great swimbait on a weighted wide gap hook. This lure is perfect for shore anglers and boat fishermen alike.

Molded in hook paths are made into the lure body for easy rigging, including a Pat. Pending Spiked & Slots keeper system allowing for a firm hold and easy change on exclusive jigheads - while regular jigheads can also be used. A second Pat. Pending is a cut on the back allowing more freedom of the lure from the hook, so once a fish is on, chances of keeping it hooked are greater as there is no lure leverage anymore. Also, the soft tail will be spit out of the mouth, so less damage by the fish’s teeth.

SOFTOUGH™ MATERIAL NOTICE: Made of SofTough™ material. “Better for the Angler, Better for Nature” is SofTough’s Motto. This material is extremely durable, allowing for more fishing time, less changing baits, and more fish per lure. Buoyant and lifelike, it is non-toxic and has no Phthalates, PVC or plastisol in its components. Do not store or mix Hyperlastics SofTough-made lures with conventional soft plastics as deformation will occur. Do not store in direct sunlight.

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